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Since 2013 Charnon started following his passion for woodcraft. This journey began with a residence in studio of the local artisan who was an already established furniture maker and a specialist in the field of Thai woodcraft techniques. Since then Charnon continues to expand his practice, building his own studio as well as developing ideas and techniques.

His philosophy is to lend voice to the material, keeping its essence. With this sensibility in mind, the focus of his design is in beauty of construction and a sense of proportion. Then in 2018 Charnon started building his showroom/home gallery. It became a place where he cultivates “warmness” that derived from a deep sense of connection between human and wood.

In the root of the Buddhist world-view, the way of life is inseparable from the law of nature, poetry and art are embedded in everything. Charnon believes that by observing closely, nature can heal the human soul.

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Please make an appointment to visit.

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